Protocole astral

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Maxime Bouton      &   Vincent Maillard
Graphic design     +        Development
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AboutWe are Vincent Maillard and Maxime Bouton, graphic designers and developers since 2017. We created Protocole astral in 2022. We currently work between Beaux and Retournac (France).

We are specialised in creating and developing websites and applications. We provide support and advice on projects involving visual identity, online or printed publications, handling design and technical implementation. We illustrate, animate, create motion design and typographic design.

We value teaching, running creative workshops, for children or adults, in both digital and traditional graphic arts fields.

All our services are provided using free or open-source software.

Children in judiciary systems

Original title Enfants en justice

Date 2022-2023

Client ENPJJ (Ministry of Justice)

Context Website dedicated to juvenile justice history and Savigny-sur-Orge exhibition center.

Cup animation

Animations for Open Space Studio

Date 2023

Client Open Space Studio

Context ASCII art animation for Open Space Studio

History of child protection

Original title Protection de lʼenfance

Date 2023


Context A website of documentary resources about the history of child protection. Covering topics such as the legislative history, systems and figures involved in child protection.

Ergy Landau's book exhibition

Original title Ergy Landau à livres ouverts

Date 2018

Client RIMELL network and MDRN group (University of Louvain)

Context Online exhibition dedicated to photographer Ergy Landau (1896-1967).

Photo de Moritzou
Photo de Moritzou

Grrrnd Zero Algoraves posters

Date 2022-2023

Context Poster creation for 2022 and 2023 Grrrnd Zero Algoraves


Date 2022

Client IThAC French National Research Agency (Grenoble Alpes University)

Context National reserch founding dedicated to the study of ancient theater and 16th-century europe

Neither one nor the other, both at the same time

Original title Ni lʼun ni lʼautre, les deux à la fois

Date 2017

Client Lise Brosseau

Context Lise Brosseau seminar : Neither one nor the other, both at the same time


Date 2019

Client ELAN (Université Grenoble Alpes)

Context Transcribing drafts of Jean-Philippe Toussaint Reticence design experiments.


Date 2019-2022

Client SECED, Paris Saclay Institute for the Human Sciences

Context Online platform with resources and publications on design.

Catalogue on the representation of social worker

Date 2023


Context Catalogue exploring the representations of the social worker profession broadcast by regional public television between 1966 and 2020. Conceived by Youcef Boudjémaï.


Date 2021

Client CDP Performance Laboratory (Grenoble Alps University)

Context Interdisciplinary lexicon of the performative turn in research and research creation.

Page de collection


Date 2021

Client Fabienne Costa (Grenoble Alps University)

Context A collaborative tool gathering film reviews.

Royal Garden

Date 2018

Client Credac (contemporary art exhibition centre)

Context Editorial platform related to the exhibition “des attentions” (from 18-01 to 31-03-2019).

Sens Public

Date 2018-2020

Client University of Montreal

Context Academic journal Sens Public